Sunday, November 13, 2016

Decorative Pumpkin Tutorial (cheap and easy!)

I love decorating for Fall! Because our house has lots of wood and muted colors, the Fall items fit in nicely.  One of my friends has gifted me with several pumpkins made from vintage quilts.  These are my favorites.  This year I wanted to add to my pumpkin collection with pretty, cream colored pumpkins.  I was shocked at how much they cost!  My parents taught me to be thrifty!  Instead of buying the expensive ones, I did a little research on good old Pinterest and got some ideas of how to make my own.

Supplies Needed

Paper pumpkin (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Ivory spray paint (Krylon is very good)
Hot glue
Jute string

 I started with a plain pumpkin like this from Hobby Lobby for about $5.  I call it a paper mache pumpkin.  Not sure if that's really what it is.  It looks like it's made from brown paper bags.

I sprayed painted them with Krylon Ivory paint.  It covers so well.

Next I got out the hot glue gun and started with a small line in the crease of the pumpkin.

I put jute string down on the glue.  I repeated this process in each of the creases, until it looked like the one below.

I did the same thing on the stem-hot glue, then wrapped the jute around.

The final product is a simple, yet beautiful pumpkin for my table for less than $10!  I'm very pleased.  (excuse all the stray hot glue strings!  They're gone now.  lol!)